My love for the world of stationery and paper began long ago. I remember picking out an invitation for an event and thinking that the yellow and green striped bow was my ultimate expression
As time went on, my love for creating the perfect invitations was born mostly out of an inability to find the right icon, color, font or paper that I was looking for. For many years I created invitations and stationery for family members, as well as the occasional gift for a friend. People got interested and wanted to purchase my products, and from there, lined design took shape.  
The original products were made with camping enthusiasts in mind; cheerful sets with lined cards, stamps and mailing labels with customized everything - from the colors to the message to the envelopes - everyone could get things just the way they wanted them. When my own kids went to camp, I realized that I was writing to them every day. 
My collection expanded to include unlined, "from home" versions of the designs. Each time I've discovered a personal need for a particular item ("serious" stationery, sticky notes, clipboards or notepads) I have expanded my offerings. 
After adding "from home" stationery, for-the-home paper goods that reflect my style and practicality were my next path of discovery. From marble trays filled with sophisticated (and occasionally irreverent!) guest towels, to silver or brass jotter trays with crisply detailed note pads, desks, powder rooms, and dining rooms became my canvas.
The designs are first a reflection of my own style and creativity, which are then customized to reflect the personality of the shopper. I hope these products inspire lots of thoughtful, handwritten notes and are used at the most intimate dinner parties! There is nothing like the permanence of a letter or attention to details like napkins and towels to capture a moment in time.